The Beatles star was telling the festival crowd a story about Jimi Hendrix on Saturday night when he spotted commotion in the audience. Lisa Morris, 50, from Bath, had collapsed after waiting for her “hero” behind the front barriers. When she realized she had missed it she said she “absolutely sobbed”. “Probably five, six songs in, that was it, game over,” said Ms. Morris.

Once he saw the security guards move in the singer told the crowd: “OK, it’s good, we’re sorting it,” joking, “It wasn’t that solo I played was it?” Ms Morris, who was celebrating her 20th year of volunteering with the festival’s on-site church, said the anticipation of going to see the star had been building up “for months and months and months”.

Her husband had recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer and could not go with her. “Seeing Paul McCartney was my goal and just kept me going throughout all of this awful time at home,” she explained. “To get to the front was my biggest goal.”

She found her way to her vantage point behind the crowd barriers seven hours before Sir Paul’s set, but shortly before he came onstage she started to feel unwell. Around 25 minutes into the performance she collapsed and had to be carried out by security guards. The stewards took Ms. Morris to the medical tent behind the Pyramid stage, where she was “violently sick” and was told she was on the verge of hypothermia.

When she came around in the on-site hospital and realized she had missed the rest of the performance she said: “I absolutely sobbed my heart out.” “My favorite song was playing in the background.” Ms. Morris said she also felt “absolutely ridiculous”, adding: “Why did I stand there? I’m a nurse, I should know better. “The fan hopes she will be able to see her “hero” perform one day.

“Hopefully if he tours again I’ll be able to get a ticket. That’s my only hope,” she added.