A Student Research Magazine for students by students dedicated to open-access and peer-reviewed scholarly work conducted by undergraduate students-also some fun articles as well :) We showcase the writing prowess of students from all disciplines.

About Us

Orphic Magazine provides three basic services:

A Place for Student Writers

Students must learn to write, communicate effectively, and express themselves. “When are we going to ever to use this stuff?” is a protesting lament heard by most teachers several times a year. It comes from students with little patience to put up with ideas or concepts too abstract or irrelevant for them to fathom. Orphic Magazine is a place for students to use the research they worked on in school and share it. Oh, and they get paid $50.00 in the process.

A Place for Those Looking to Engage in Research

The primary purposes of research are to inform action, gather evidence for theories, and contribute to developing knowledge in a field of study. Research is essential for everyone—not just students and scientists. Anyone can use Orphic Magazine to build knowledge, increase understanding, disprove lies, and support truths.

A Place to Get Help

For many students, the writing process is slow and inefficient. It is a struggle to develop their ideas fluently, often referred to as poor ideation. Writing is critical because it improves a student’s ability to recall information, connect different concepts, and synthesize information in new ways. By reviewing and editing a student’s paper, Orphic Magazine can help with the strategic writing approach and make the writing process visible to students, including the thinking and techniques involved in writing. By making the process visible, students have control over it and can use it for their purposes instead of seeing it as steps they follow for an English class.

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