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Why We Need You to Join Our Community

Between Facebook rants, Twitter hate, and let’s not forget comments left on YouTube, some people have lost the ability to debate logic with logic and facts with facts. Instead, if person A  presents an argument that person B disagrees with, then person A is met with a stream of invective. At Orphic we realize that people will disagree; however, we are working to change how people express those disagreements. At Orphic we are building a community for people who want evidenced based explanations. We have no political ties or agenda. We do not push an ideology.

Please take 3 mins to share your email with us on our homepage. You will not receive junkmail from us. Every 10 -15 days you will receive a new paper that’s been submitted to us. That’s it. You will receive no other emails.

If you believe that we as a people: Black, Brown, White, Male, Female, Straight,LGBTQ, Republican, Democrat, or Progresive have the power to change the way we disagree in the world, then we ask that you please join our community.

We need you! Help us to change the way we disagree!


Anthony Hall

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