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Why We Need You to Join Our Community

Between Facebook rants, Twitter hate, and, let’s not forget, comments left on YouTube, some people have lost the ability to debate logic with logic and facts with facts.

At Orphic, we realize that people will disagree; however, we are working to change how people express those disagreements. We are building a community for people who want evidence-based explanations. We have no political ties or agenda. We do not push an ideology. Here you will see articles about Polo G and research papers about Albert Einstein’s special relativity and general relativity.

Please take 3 mins to share your email with us on our homepage. You will not receive junk mail from us. Once a month, you will receive a new paper submitted to us. That’s it. You will receive no other emails.

Join us and become a part of a movement that can change the dialogue in our country.


Anthony Hall

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