By: Allison Bowsher

The team at Sony Universal are likely having a not good, very bad week after the trailer for the highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home seemingly leaked over the weekend. The film, which has long been rumoured to feature the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the roles of Spider-Man, is slated to swing into theatres in December 2021. The new trailer, which Sony appears to have successfully scrubbed from the interwebs (Spidey!), is rumoured to show the return of Maguire and Garfield, who both played Peter Parker prior to Holland.

Almost as fast as Sony began pulling down leaked trailer videos and disabling clips, Twitter was responding with brilliant replies to the guffaw. Most tweets were directed towards Marvel Universe director Kevin Feige, who probably didn’t have much of a Sunday fun day this week. Not only did the leaked trailer provide spoilers by way of Maguire and Garfield’s seemingly confirmed return, but there was also the reveal of Jamie Foxx’s new suit as Max Dillon and his character’s undeniable glow up. A few internet quick shooters were able to score screenshots of Foxx from the upcoming film and we are both impressed and a little scared.

After years of rumours with little to no confirmation on what to expect (read: are Garfield and Maguire coming back, is this Zendaya’s final Spidey film?), fans are just happy to see some new content from the Marvel Universe by way of Spider-Man this year. It’s been a long 2021 and it’s only August.

Unlike Maguire, who starred in three Spider-Man films between 2002 and 2007 and Holland, who will count No Way Home as his third standalone Spider-Man film (Holland also appeared as the webbed superhero in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame), Garfield had the shortest tenure as Peter Parker, but his films continue to resonate with fans. There is a lot of love and excitement for the return of Garfield and possible Andrew/Tom moments.

Because the rumour mill spin just won’t let up, there’s also lots of Twitter chat that Sony has had their hand forced and will now officially release the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer as early as August 23 in the evening or later this week. Our bodies are ready, Tom.