One of the big stories going into tonight, though, wasn’t former President Trump’s influence — it was just how much Democrats meddled in GOP races, elevating the candidacies of more extreme GOP candidates in the hopes that they’d be easier to defeat in the general election.

In the Illinois Republican gubernatorial primary, Democrats got their preferred candidate, as state Sen. Darren Bailey easily won. The thought was that Bailey, as the more conservative candidate in the race, would face a steep uphill battle against incumbent Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, given Illinois’s blue hue. But Democrats might later regret having backed Bailey as much as they did.

In Colorado, meanwhile, this strategy didn’t pay off for Democrats. Neither state Rep. Ron Hanks in the GOP Senate primary nor businessman Greg Lopez in the GOP gubernatorial primary ultimately prevailed. Nor did Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who was arguably the highest-profile election denier running in Colorado. Peters was banned from managing the elections in her home county, but still sought the Republican nomination for secretary of state. (She lost handily to former Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson, who accepts the 2020 election result.)

On that note, some of the night’s biggest election deniers, like Peters, Hanks and Lopez, did not win their primaries, but by our count, 15 candidates who either denied or questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election still won their Republican primaries tonight.

Finally, another big story going into tonight was the potential number of incumbents who could find themselves on the chopping block. For instance, there were two incumbent-versus-incumbent battles in Illinois tonight thanks to redistricting, and in the Democratic-leaning 6th District, it was Democratic Rep. Sean Casten who ultimately prevailed, adding another loss to progressives’ record with Rep. Marie Newman’s defeat. (It should be noted, however, that progressives easily won in the new Illinois 3rd, an unexpected result, and their preferred candidate looks likely to prevail in Illinois’s 1st, as well.) Meanwhile in the Republican primary in Illinois’s 15th District, the Trump-backed Rep. Mary Miller handily defeated Rep. Rodney Davis.

It wasn’t just because of redistricting, though, that incumbents were in danger. Most notably in Mississippi’s runoffs, Rep. Michael Guest faced a strong challenge from Michael Cassidy, who launched a bid against Guest for his vote to create a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Guest ultimately prevailed tonight, but the same cannot be said of Rep. Steven Palazzo, who had been embroiled in scandal. Palazzo lost to Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell.

Here are a few other key races we were watching tonight that have not yet been called:

  • In Oklahoma’s 2nd District Republican primary, we have most of the votes, but things are still too close to make a final projection about which two candidates will advance to an August runoff from this extremely crowded race. State Rep. Avery Frix leads with nearly 15 percent, followed by former state Sen. Josh Brecheen with about 14 percent and Muskogee Police Chief Johnny Teehee with 13 percent.
  • In Illinois’s 7th District, incumbent Rep. Danny Davis was fending off a challenge from Kina Collins, who positioned herself as the more progressive candidate. But the race was close: With 71 percent of the expected vote reporting, Davis was leading Collins, 52 percent to 46 percent.
  • The race was much closer in Illinois’s 11th District Republican primary, where former Trump administration official Catalina Lauf had about 29 percent of the vote, barely leading a crowded field of six total candidates, with about half of the vote in. The winner of the primary will aim to unseat the Democratic incumbent, Rep. Bill Foster.
  • Finally, the Republican primaries in Illinois’s 13th and 14 Districts remain too close to call. The race in the 13th is especially close, with nonprofit president Regan Deering slightly ahead of former federal prosecutor Jesse Reising, 35 percent to 33 percent, with 60 percent of the expected vote counted. Whoever wins will face former Biden administration staffer Nikki Budzinski in the general election. Meanwhile in the 14th, Kendall County Board Chair Scott Gryder has more of a sizable lead over Kendall County GOP Chair Jim Marter, 31 percent to 24 percent, with 74 percent of the expected vote in.

Here’s one last look at how all the election deniers and questioners on today’s ballots fared.

How Big Lie supporters are doing tonight

Senate, House, gubernatorial, attorney general and secretary of state candidates who have either denied or questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and their results in  Republican primaries in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma and Utah, as of 11:17 p.m. Eastern.

Ron HanksCO Sen.🚫 Denied legitimacy82%44.8%✗ Lost
Greg LopezCO Gov.🚫 Denied legitimacy8246.7✗ Lost
Tina PetersCO SoS🚫 Denied legitimacy8127.0✗ Lost
Jennifer QualteriCO-01🚫 Denied legitimacy40100.0✓ Won
Lauren Boebert*CO-03🚫 Denied legitimacy9964.4✓ Won
Ken Buck*CO-04❓Raised doubts9174.8✓ Won
Robert LewisCO-04❓Raised doubts9125.2✗ Lost
Doug Lamborn*CO-05🚫 Denied legitimacy8349.7✓ Won
Dave WilliamsCO-05❓Raised doubts8331.6✗ Lost
Rebecca KeltieCO-05❓Raised doubts8312.6✗ Lost
Erik AadlandCO-07🚫 Denied legitimacy8847.9✓ Won
Laurel ImerCO-07🚫 Denied legitimacy8815.7✗ Lost
Lori A. SaineCO-08❓Raised doubts5919.9✗ Lost
Peggy HubbardIL Sen.🚫 Denied legitimacy7124.1Trailing
Matthew “Matt” DubielIL Sen.❓Raised doubts7112.7Trailing
Robert “Bobby” PitonIL Sen.🚫 Denied legitimacy719.1Trailing
Jimmy Lee Tillman IIIL Sen.🚫 Denied legitimacy715.0Trailing
Darren BaileyIL Gov.❓Raised doubts8055.0✓ Won
Gary RabineIL Gov.❓Raised doubts806.1✗ Lost
David ShestokasIL AG❓Raised doubts6921.4✗ Lost
Eric CarlsonIL-01❓Raised doubts6840.6Leading
Geno YoungIL-01🚫 Denied legitimacy6814.5Trailing
Ashley RamosIL-02🚫 Denied legitimacy5427.8Trailing
Niki ConfortiIL-06❓Raised doubts7711.5Trailing
Scott R. KasparIL-06❓Raised doubts776.9Trailing
Robert “Rob” CruzIL-06❓Raised doubts775.8Trailing
Chad KoppieIL-08🚫 Denied legitimacy6013.2Trailing
Catalina LaufIL-11❓Raised doubts5628.9Leading
Mark Joseph CarrollIL-11❓Raised doubts5621.1Trailing
Susan L. Hathaway-AltmanIL-11❓Raised doubts5612.3Trailing
Mike Bost*IL-12🚫 Denied legitimacy4100.0✓ Won
Terry MartinIL-13❓Raised doubts568.6Trailing
James T. “Jim” MarterIL-14🚫 Denied legitimacy7424.0Trailing
Jack Lombardi IIIL-14🚫 Denied legitimacy7414.2Trailing
Jaime MiltonIL-14🚫 Denied legitimacy7410.2Trailing
Mary Miller*IL-15🚫 Denied legitimacy9957.6✓ Won
Darin LaHood*IL-16❓Raised doubts7666.3✓ Won
Michael RebreshIL-16🚫 Denied legitimacy768.2✗ Lost
Lee ZeldinNY Gov.❓Raised doubts4443.6✓ Won
Andrew GiulianiNY Gov.🚫 Denied legitimacy4423.0✗ Lost
Markwayne MullinOK Sen. (special)🚫 Denied legitimacy9643.8Leading
Jackson LahmeyerOK Sen.🚫 Denied legitimacy9626.4✗ Lost
T.W. ShannonOK Sen. (special)🚫 Denied legitimacy9617.4Trailing
Nathan DahmOK Sen. (special)🚫 Denied legitimacy9612.0Trailing
Luke HollandOK Sen. (special)❓Raised doubts9611.2Trailing
Joan FarrOK Sen.🚫 Denied legitimacy965.8✗ Lost
Scott PruittOK Sen. (special)🚫 Denied legitimacy965.0Trailing
Adam HolleyOK Sen. (special)🚫 Denied legitimacy960.5Trailing
Mark SherwoodOK Gov.🚫 Denied legitimacy9713.3✗ Lost
Avery FrixOK-02🚫 Denied legitimacy8714.7Leading
Johnny TeeheeOK-02❓Raised doubts8713.0Trailing
John BennettOK-02🚫 Denied legitimacy8711.3Trailing
Wes NofireOK-02🚫 Denied legitimacy876.3Trailing
David DerbyOK-02🚫 Denied legitimacy875.5Trailing
Dustin RobertsOK-02🚫 Denied legitimacy874.9Trailing
Pamela GordonOK-02🚫 Denied legitimacy873.0Trailing
Frank D. Lucas*OK-03🚫 Denied legitimacy5961.1✓ Won
Wade BurlesonOK-03❓Raised doubts5930.6✗ Lost
Tom Cole*OK-04🚫 Denied legitimacy6469.8✓ Won
James TaylorOK-04🚫 Denied legitimacy6427.0✗ Lost
Stephanie Bice*OK-05🚫 Denied legitimacy5968.3✓ Won
Chris Stewart*UT-02🚫 Denied legitimacy8472.1✓ Won
Burgess Owens*UT-04🚫 Denied legitimacy5660.4✓ Won


Candidates marked as having “denied legitimacy” of the 2020 election either explicitly said Donald Trump’s loss or the 2020 election itself was illegitimate or, if an elected official, took legal measures to try and overturn the election. Candidates marked as “raised doubts” have questioned the fairness of the 2020 election or made references to “election integrity” but have not explicitly said the election or Trump’s loss was illegitimate.