When we crunch all of the numbers over the past year our average temperature came out to 52.5 degrees. Which is 1.6 degrees above average and good enough for the 7th warmest on record. 

The highest temperature recorded in Fort Wayne during 2021 was 92 degrees. This mark was reached twice, once on June 12th and again on August 24th. Temperatures hit 90 degrees or higher only 7 times in 2021, while the previous summer in 2020 hit that mark 25 times!

As for the lowest temperature recorded in 2021, Fort Wayne fell to 6 degrees below zero on February 17th, which was one of three days below zero.

Precipitation also finished in the top 10 in the record books. Fort Wayne had just over 44.14 inches of precipitation, 4.66 inches above average. That’s good enough for the 10th wettest on record. Snowfall came in with 35.2 inches, about an inch and a half above average.

There were also several weather stories that stand out from the last year. In February a snowstorm brought over 10 inches to Fort Wayne on February 15th. It was the greatest single-day snowfall in February since just over a foot fell in 1912, and it went a long way to closing the snowfall deficit we were facing to start the year.

During the summer a tornado touched down in Jay County on June 18th. The EF-2 tornado developed near Bryant with peak winds of 130 mph. It traveled a path of 5.77 miles and had a width of 500 yards. While there were no injuries, several homes and farmsteads were damaged. This also broke a string of over 200 days that the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana went without issuing a single Severe Thunderstorm Warning.

Finally, the last story was is in the fall, or at least in October, because it felt nothing like the fall season.

Through the first 20 days, October was the warmest on record, before we finally cooled for the final stretch to make it the 7th warmest in Fort Wayne History. It was also 5th wettest with over 7 inches of rain falling, roughly 4 inches above average.