Written by: Timothy Sonniah

Several factors influence the military’s ability to go on wars and win as representatives of a nation. Although weapons and prowess are quite significant in determining whether the military will win a war or not, without leadership and attitude, the military’s chances of losing a battle even while in possession of the best weapons is always high. Often favorable climate and a positive attitude are the two factors that are associated with a winning military.

In addition to the above factors, military bearing is another vital factor that is always associated with winning battles and being a powerful military. The military approach is a phenomenon among veterans. It stipulates how any soldier conducts his or her profession regardless of the rank he or she holds. If a pleasant climate and positive attitude are among the features of a platoon of soldiers, it is then said to possess a military bearing.

The essay will give a depth discussion on all aspects regarding military and professional approach.

Among veterans, the concept of military bearing entails that each soldier conducts themselves professionally and is always optimistic. The phenomenon is quite essential as it enables soldiers to maintain high discipline; the military is quite renowned for discipline. As per the Army University Press, military bearing is the army’s ability to command confidence, discipline, and presence among all the soldiers (Naamon.)

The military approach is achievable through the maintenance of army standards and doing what’s right. According to Bilgic and Canan (2009), military bearing is possible by presenting professionalism and acting as expected. In most cases, junior officers emulate their seniors, and thus it’s encouraged that every officer emanates from self-pride to press military bearing.

Generally, the military approach is a continuous process that people pass down to generations.

Negative attitude and lack of professionalism by leaders have massive negative impacts on the military bearing. Leaders serve as a guide and role models to other soldiers in the military, and therefore they are expected to maintain professionalism and have a positive attitude. Failure to act by the military bearing negative impacts the entire docket as junior soldiers always emulate their seniors’ actions.

Even when not on the call of duty, the military approach does not cease to exist. Therefore, soldiers maintain a positive attitude and professionalism as they serve as ambassadors of the docket in the outside world. Creating a mad impression while working with the public or other armed forces not only compromises the working relationship but also affects the trust they put in you.

The public is likely to put more trust in soldiers that have a positive attitude and are professional; this also applies when working with other armed forces. Military bearing also comes in handy when on a mission in other countries. Your actions as soldiers determine your reception and how individuals from the receiving country will perceive you and how well you will interact with the hosting military.

In conclusion, the success of an army in war depends on prowess and weapons. However, it also depends on a good climate and a positive attitude by the soldiers. A military bearing is also vital in determining the military’s success on a mission as it stipulates how each should professionally conduct his profession while maintaining a positive attitude. 

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