Written by: Timothy Sonniah

An Inconvenient Truth is among the renowned documentaries in the United States of America. Directed by Davis Guggenheim, the documentary focuses on Al Gore’s movement on educating people around America on global warming; AL Gore was once the vice president of the United States of America. The idea of coming up with this documentary was born in the city hall after attending the former vice president’s presentation on global warming.

Gore felt that he had failed while being the vice president as he should have enlightened the people back then on the drastically increasing global emergency due to global warming.

Gore gives the audience an insight into the world as he begins his presentation; he presents the viewer with pictures of the globe take from space at different intervals of time. He does this to show how human activities have gradually over the decades affected the planet and how they have influenced climatic conditions around the world. The presentation indicates the transformation of the world as global consumerism advances.

In addition to this, Al Gore uses his personal life experiences to persuade the audience about the impacts of global warming. For instance, he gives a narration of his sister who succumbed to lung cancer; lung cancer is among the health conditions resulting from environmental degradation and air pollution, which causes global warming.

As he concludes, Al Gore states that global warming is not a political issue but a social and moral issue. I agree with him as it is an issue affecting every person regardless of race, age, sex, or political affiliation, and thus, protecting the environment should be a global responsibility.